Squirrly Guides NON-SEO Experts Every Step of the Way and Offers a Wide Variety of Tools to help you Rank Higher in Google.

You'll go from "Never Found" to Always Found on the First Page of Google.

Download today and join over 150,000 business owners who optimize their WordPress for both Search Engines and Humans.

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(you can read details about the experiment with 49,000 people and how we calculated the traffic increase on )

Leading SEO Experts and Content Marketing Specialists Use Squirrly SEO Tools for WordPress

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+1,000 other experts who wrote about it.

It's easier to rank #1 when you use the right software.

Rise to the Top of Search Results

Optimize Your WordPress Site to Outrank Your Competitors.

Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.

- Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics

Find Long-Tail Keywords That Are Easy to Rank For

Never Miss a Ranking Opportunity. All the Details We Give Are Personalized For Each Site, Thanks to Squirrly's Market Intelligence Features.

Over 30 Keywords Generated with Actionable Data associated to each of them. We present this data so you can choose wisely.

People In Different Countries Search In Different Ways. Here We Finally Have a Tool That Will Help You Identify Search Patterns For Each Country.

Target Each Country Differently.

140 Countries are currently available.

All In One Dashboard, Which Lives Inside Your WordPress Site.

Track All The Keywords Important To Your Business

It Starts looking at all the keyword you've ever used and creates a Portfolio of Keywords. Then it starts identifying how each keyword performs for you.

When you search for a keyword yourself, Google will personalize the results and give you biased results. Which means your customers will see different results in their browsers. Understand exactly on which place they find you.

The Objective Way To Check Your Google Rankings In Each Country

This option is available in the Business Plan of Squirrly SEO.

Get SEO Tips in Real Time With as-you-type Advice.

Using the Live Assistant from Squirrly SEO is like having a consultant sitting right next to you and helping you get a 100% optimized page.

You just have to type in the keyword you want the page to be optimized for. After that, the Live Assistant guides you through the steps you need to take to fully optimize the page. When all those lights turn green, it means you have an excellent SEO article, page or product.

All the Power You Need.

Plus All the Speed You Deserve

Squirrly doesn't only run. It out-runs all the other major SEO plugins for WordPress because of this delivery method.

Imagine 7 times the power of the other plugins. And Triple the Speed to load in your WordPress back-end.

Faster WordPress Site = Better SEO.

This test is made by, an amazing company that serves the WordPress community.

Squirrly SEO loads fastest in this study made by

The SEO Settings Assistant

The SEO Live Assistant

You'll be in Full Control Over Your SEO,

Because You'll be Guided

We've built two Assistants for you inside of the Software

The SEO Live Assistant

Their purpose is to help you setup the best WordPress SEO that a plugin can offer.

You'll start having perfect On-Page SEO on all your pages, posts and e-commerce products once you start using it.

Its purpose is to help you get 100% optimization and the green lights from the interface will show you when it's "safe" to publish the content you were working on.

SEO Settings are usually super complicated. Because we want you, the Non-SEO expert to have an amazing WordPress site, we've come up with this simple assistant that will stand by your side and guide you.

It will walk you through setting up sitemaps, making your site look better than the Huffington Post on Google, setting up ways to control how your posts get shared on social media, and many more.

During setup, you’ll get to see simple slides and learn what you can setup for SEO, social media and Content Marketing analytics.

The SEO Settings Assistant

Your website will have zero duplicate META elements, zero duplicate open graph. It will be (in one word): perfect.

The Settings Assistant will allow you to check for any SEO errors or incompatibilities with other plugins, so you’ll be safe and certain that everything works, without having to check a single line of code.

When you decide to use ONLY Squirrly SEO going forward, you'll be safe to do so; Squirrly SEO will keep all the optimization made inside the other plugins active, even after you delete those plugins.

Works together with Yoast, All In One SEO and the rest.

If you choose to keep the others, Squirrly SEO will add 6 times more functionality to your WordPress SEO anyway.

It Plays nice with the other kids.

For Humans.


True to the core values of the Squirrly Company (based in London and Cluj-Napoca) you will get software designed for Humans: no guess work, no extra coding. Just super functional and human-friendly.

As a bonus for when you get the app, we offer you 14 Days of FULL Access, so that you can see how the whole Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin is designed for Humans.

Even the most complex features, like the SEO Stats, the Social Media Metrics and the inbound links are easy to understand.

Download Squirrly

And become an SEO Superstar.

Learn WordPress SEO by Squirrly

We also help all of our users and customers learn more about SEO, Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. We’ve created 5 full courses so far, 7 lessons each.

We deliver them to you after you begin using our WordPress SEO Plugin.

Coaching Sessions

We've built the Settings Assistant to help you get started with your SEO. It has a lot of content that it takes directly from our knowledge base.

You can use the Knowledge Base to learn more about using the features of the Squirrly SEO Plugin.

Type the address in your browser and get started.

Knowledge Base

"I went ahead and calculated all the independent costs of everything in Squirrly SEO ... and it's a bargain"

Bogdan Valeanu, Internet Marketer

Simple, Affordable Pricing.

All that we offer would cost you $637 / month if you bought them individually from other providers.

You can get the same power, and some specific goodies just for WordPress SEO at just $29.99 / month, from Squirrly.

Thank you for returning to our WordPress SEO Page.

I take it that you're here to learn more about Squirrly SEO and how it helps you become an SEO Superstar.

We've prepared a special video just for you. It's our webinar and it walks you through all the features of Squirrly SEO.

How is Squirrly SEO Different From the Other Plugins?

Here’s the most common question and then our own answer:

“I have a very sensitive question to ask. I know this may sound brash, but I have decisions to make.

Can you–without tons of super-salesman promotion–tell me how your product is different from Yoast?”

The answer:

The main difference is that Squirrly offers 108 features as opposed to just 15 for SEO. Yoast is a very basic plugin, even though it is indeed a good one. Even if you have the free version of Squirrly, you still get a lot more for SEO than you would using other plugins. With the new version we’ll soon launch, you will be able to optimize every single URL of your site. Something you can’t do in any other plugin. You will have full control over how Google sees your pages and over how people see your pages in social media feeds (on Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus).

Yes, and this part that gives you full control will be an addition to Squirrly SEO and it will be free of charge. Also, it will have most of the premium stuff offered in the pro version of yoast.

Squirrly’s PRO features are things that would cost over $600 / month to get from other SEO Software: exact google rankings for pages, advanced SEO keyword research, SEO Audits, Blog Audits, Social Media Audits, Inspiration Box, copyright-free images, Performance Analytics. yoast nor any other classic SEO plugin offer any of these functions.

I hope this answers the question in a non-salesy way. People keep recommending yoast because it has been around for 8 years and because it’s very simple. Also, people recommend it because that’s what people typically recommend and they want to simply go with the flow and “say what people are saying”.

It’s the reason why we’ve made Squirrly SEO integrate with it. We think those features are basic anyway, and the PRO features we offer are what really make the difference in on-page SEO.

Squirrly SEO - Welcome to the Announcement Center

Here you get to see all the announcements we're making about the Launch of Squirrly SEO 2018.

21 Feb 2017 - Spoiler that Squirrly SEO 2017 and Squirrly SEO 2018 will be launched at the same time.

7 March 2017 - Early Access to Squirrly 2017

21 March 2017 - Understanding Payments

30 March 2017 - Changes: 2016 vs 2017

04 April 2017 - Releasing Squirrly SEO 2017

20 July 2017 - Releasing

11 August 2017 - Preparing Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve

[NEWS:] Squirrly SEO 2018 Gets New Update: Steve

WordPress SEO - How We Envision It

We love SEO. We Love WordPress and social media; and real Human Beings. Our view on what makes great WordPress SEO is completely different than the way other people see it.

For starters, WordPress SEO is a lot more than a one time setup thing. With SEO, you can't just set it and forget it. Especially if you're a company who really cares about the customers. Especially if you're obsessed with catering to the needs of your visitors.

Search engines are hubs where people search for what they need, in the hopes of finding that one piece of content that will offer them the solution they seek, the entertainment they'd die for, the intellectual piece they crave.

These people who reach your WordPress site have all kinds of needs and hidden desires.

That's why we've built the most complex tool of them all, to help YOU as content creator to offer THEM (the people who reach your site) the best possible experience.

Just having a good WordPress SEO site structure for your homepage (eg. your domain name) will not cut it. Nor having great SEO Settings for every page on your site cut it. It's simply not enough.

You need to understand social media intelligence that you can get through a tool like Squirrly, which will help you better figure out the intent of the user. What do they really want to find? How can you address their problems?

Which problems are large enough? Which deep concerns of theirs can you really address?

Also, WordPress SEO is about stats. Real details about how your own WordPress performs in the online environment. These stats that you need to gather (manually or through a tool like Squirrly) should be fed directly into the pieces where you gather competitive intelligence. Without understanding your WordPress site's performance, all the SEO you do can end up being in vain.

In order to have better WordPress SEO you need to become a Better Marketer yourself. You need to learn more about the details that form up a good SEO strategy in 2017. It's not about just some SEO settings and some links anymore. It's about fresh, valuable content; it's about social media and social interactions; it's about calculated web authority and the choices you make to increase that authority.

To sum it up: WordPress SEO = intelligence (about web authority, social media metrics, search intent, search desire, how often the problem occurs and to how many people) + action (make your settings, optimize your content to 100% for Humans and search bots, check your rankings, improve your audit score, gather more intelligence) + Better Marketer (focus more on learning and developing yourself as a marketer to better understand how to serve your audience).

How does Squirrly SEO fit this Vision?

Squirrly SEO offers you intelligence, helps you take action with focus on things that will lead to better SEO for your WordPress and it helps you become a better marketer.

Keep scrolling down the page to learn more about each aspect.

Squirrly SEO: Market Intelligence regarding Keywords.

The first thing you need to do is to stay away from Google Keyword Planner and other tools that have been built for the purpose of helping people serve better ads.

You are here because you want to learn more about WordPress SEO, not about how to promote your WordPress site via ads.

Any WordPress SEO Plugin or software that shows you such information is bad for SEO purposes.

Squirrly offers you the intelligence you need to make proper SEO decisions, whether you want to be found in classic search (Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.) or Social Media search (through the search engines available on Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

Social Media Keyword Information And How to Use It

Almost every WordPress SEO strategy that I've seen (except a few which rocked!) completely ignore the people who search on social media platforms.

We want to offer you the best information possible so you can make smart decisions for your business.

In order to start being found when people search for content on Twitter (for example) you need to see how many people talk about your focus keyword (for the content you plan to publish) on Twitter. Why?

The more people discuss it = the more "hot" the topic is, which increases the likelihood of people to search for that keyword within the Twitter platform.

Squirrly SEO informs you if many people discuss it and whether it's a hot topic. It does this in the Keyword Research feature, when you hover the arrow sign displayed in the keyword results section.

The other kind of intelligence you need to get when planning for social media search is: the semantic of the keyword you're targeting.

What does the keyword really mean? How do people on Twitter talk about it? Which tweets containing the keyword seem to be the best?

Just by getting the information about how often people discuss the keyword you can't begin to think: yeah, I know all about it now.

Due to the strange and real-time nature of social media you may find out that at THIS moment in time when someone says "pizza" it might not refer to the food we all like to chunk down every once in a while. The "pizza" that is now a Hot Topic of conversation on Twitter might the pizza that Donald Trump ate last night. Do you really want your content to be associated with that?

Yes? No? -> you decide. The important thing for Squirrly is that you get to know what you're getting your content into.

For this second type of intelligence that you get from the Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin, you need to use the Inspiration Box feature (which you find in your Edit Post interface in WordPress).

Search Engine Keyword Information And How to Use It

SEO Related Information that Squirrly Offers You:

1) The TOP of the best keyword combinations you can use to rank your pages and make sure visitors will find them. This TOP will be formed after looking at about 40 different types of longtail keywords that our algorithm takes from your inputs. You inputs can be very different. You can combine "raw vegan" with "fitness recipe" for example, and it will still show you the best combinations for your own particular site, that YOU can use.

2) Personalization of Results: Let's say you have 5 different sites. When you use the Squirrly Keyword Research tool for WordPress SEO, you will notice that the results it offers is different from site to site. This happens, because our system shows you the chance that each single site has of ranking for the keywords. This is not a generalistic result that you could get from anywhere. No, it's 100% calculated for your particular site.

3) Web authority intelligence gets fed directly into our Keyword Research tool. Before Squirrly SEO 2017, we used to show competition in the following form: "Little Competition" or "High Competition". Now, we are showing you "Easy to Rank" or "Impossible to Rank". We take the SEO stats which Squirrly SEO measures for your site and plot that in with the information we gather about the General Web to see if the authority of your own site on the web can beat the authority of the other websites that are currently ranked for that keyword on the first page of Google.

4) Long Tail Keywords: We've upgraded the search system in our Keyword Research tool. We now offer you lots of long tail keywords which you will surely find interesting. We look at how people search on different places of the web for the topic you plan to tackle with your page or blog post. We then try to identify the best keywords from what they search; keywords that show us their intent to take action after they reach your content.. you know: like pay you for a product or service, or subscribe to your newsletter.

5) Recent Discussions: I've covered most of this when I showed you how to identify great keywords for social media. Recent discussions gives you an overview of how many people discuss this keyword on Twitter and Forums.

6) Trend: if you're planning to publish a great piece of content you need to make sure that people will keep searching the web for that keyword for years to come. That's the right way of creating evergreen content. If you spend one month to create a page (or a resource), you rank it to the first positions in about 2 months, it means you already spend 3 months on it. If the number of people who search for this keyword will decrease down to 10% in the next 6 months after you publish, you'll want to know that BEFORE you invest the first 3 months. That's why Squirrly SEO tries to help you identify the keywords which are riding rising trends.

Squirrly SEO: Market Intelligence regarding web authority.

WordPress SEO is more than just what you have right now in your own site. To be successful you need a tool like Squirrly SEO to measure and analyze your authority on the web.

That's where Squirrly's Audit Suite comes in. Packed inside of Squirrly SEO, this Audit Suite offers you: Blogging Audit, Traffic Audit (soon to be upgraded), SEO Audit, Social Media Audit, Links Audit, Authority Audit.

The information you get in the Blogging Audit will help you understand the freshness of content on your site. It will help you understand if you're helping Search Engine Bots and Human Readers figure out what your pages are about. More than that: it helps you understand your WordPress SEO better, by providing details about the Optimization Levels of your pages.

The Traffic Audit currently makes an estimation of the traffic you get to your WordPress site. It provides you with valuable information on how you can grow your website traffic. Soon, it will get more actionable data, because we will have it integrated with your Google Analytics.

The SEO Audit is one of our top features. It shows you an impressive amount of detail (especially if you're a Squirrly SEO PRO user). It checks all of your site every week to see if it finds SEO problems in your WordPress site. With all the plugins, themes and changes that you make to your site you can really hurt your WordPress SEO. That's why it's important to read this report and see if any action is needed on your behalf.

Social Media Audit: understand the popularity of your site on social media. I've personally seen WordPress sites (I even show one in a video I made on our Youtube Channel) that have amazing rankings on Google just because they created a good site structure with Squirrly SEO and then they kept growing the number of social media signals to their pages. They had very few links and social media was the deciding factor that made them outrank their competitors. The Social Media Audit that we offer helps you make better decisions regarding your WordPress site and regarding how you promote it to social media audiences.

Links Audit: we integrate with MOZ, Majestic and a few other sources to gather information about your link portfolio and the number of times your WordPress site is mentioned on other people's websites. We give you explanations and to-dos to help you improve this are of your wp site.

Authority Audit: after factoring in all the data that we gather about your site and the data that we have from our other audit engines, we show you an Authority score that you will need to improve over time, in order to get ahead of your competition.

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